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Patek Philippe Replica Watches added another stunning timekeeper to its Metiers d'Art line. The watch has a 14-Day Tourbillon model in its base. This new edition adds to the beauty of the watch. The intricate caliber is revealed completely from both sides. It has been meticulously engraved with a demanding motif featuring acanthus leaves that cover its entire surface.Replica Patek Philippe Watches This new watch, which has a two-week power reserve, is engraved with great skill and placed in a small-sized platinum housing.

Today, Genevese watchesmaker celebrates its 260th year of uninterrupted production of high-end timepieces. Patek Philippe Replica Watches introduced several new models to emphasize the fact that it is the oldest watch company with continuous production. The watch we're talking about, which is part of the Metiers d'Art family, is one of these commemorative watches. This collection celebrates traditional artistic craft and includes stunning models that feature intricate techniques. The latest collection focuses on miniature engraving.

The choice of the motif depicts the watch's commemorative spirit. The 14-Day Tourbillon is now available with acanthus leaves decorations. This kind of embellishment was first discovered in the 5th Century B.C. It was first used to decorate Corinthian columns. The natural motif, which represents glory, victory and eternality, is well-known for its charming, slated appearance that allows it to be combined with many other ensembles.Fake Cartier watches The motif was popularized in many artistic movements after the Ancient Greek period. It is also the exact same motif that is found on the brand's first pocket watches, which have been making high-end timekeepers since 1755.

It is very difficult to create a floral motif that can be seen across the entire movement, with all plates and bridges decorated with it. Patek Philippe Replica Watches relies on the skillful work of a master engraving artist to embellish the caliber using champleve and line-engraving techniques. The additional challenge for the engraver's feat is that the surface he or she is working on is very small, sometimes even a millimeter. The specific caliber is in its original form. It has been completed with techniques like circular and straight graining and beveling as well as polishing.

The engraver must spend at least ten days working with a small chisel to finish the process. You can see the difficulty of this task by the fact that the engraved surface on the watch's rear side is approximately 2/10th of an inch high. The end result is stunning and the effort was worth it.

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